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Geiger Counter Nukleáris sugárzás érzékelő

Geiger Counter Nukleáris sugárzás érzékelő

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Geiger Counter Nukleáris sugárzás érzékelő

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Protect Yourself with Our Nuclear Radiation Detector

Protect yourself and your family with a Geiger Counter Nuclear Radiation Detector. Get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your environment is safe from nuclear radiation. Geiger Counter detectors are easy to use and provide accurate readings of radiation levels. This is the perfect tool for ensuring a safe and healthy environment for your family.


Nuclear Radiation Detector - Geiger counter nuclear radiation detector with built-in GM sensor, fast response time and high accuracy, able to detect Beta, Y-rays and X-rays. Energy range: 48KeV-1.5MeV ≤ ± 30%.

Smart Alarm - Enter the alarm setting option to set the current dose alarm value and the accumulated dose alarm value. Whether the detector screen is in sleep state or in operation,the radiation dose detected exceeds the alarm threshold,the radiation monitor will automatically alarm.

Working Principle - Uses a Geiger-Miller counter.Counter for detecting the intensity of ionizing radiation (Beta particles, y-rays and x-rays).Use a gas tube or a small chamber as a probe.When the voltage applied to the probe reaches a certain range.Each time the ray is ionized in the tube to produce a pair of ions, it can be amplified to produce an electric pulse of the same size.And recorded by the connected electronic device.The number of rays per unit time thus measured.

User-friendly - Handheld instrument with clear page and easy operation, Hand-held portable design, easy to carry and store, you can put it in your pocket for carrying. Using the LCD display, the working status of the nuclear radiation instrument is clear on the display, and you can quickly and accurately read the data you need. Equipped with a built-in 1200mAh lithium battery that supports USB charging.

Application Areas  - Widely applied in the environment where existing ionize radiation. Such as home improvement radiation, geological survey, iron, Inspection vehicles, nuclear power plants, industry, radiology, radiology laboratories and so on.



Test items: Beta, Y-rays and X-rays in the environment

Detector type: Energy compensated GM tube

Energy response: 48keV~1.5meV

Sensitivity: 0.25cps/usv/h (relative to 137Cs)

Real time value range: 0~99.99 usv/h

Average value range: 0~99.99 usv/h

Accumulated value display range: 0~99.999 msv

Resolution: 0.01 usv/h

Unit: usv/h

Real time value error:<10%

Average error:<3%

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